How nice that you’ve found me. My name is Bettina Baur. I’m a professional translator for Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. My native language is German. I have studied Scandinavian languages in Germany, Sweden and Norway, and I obtained my Doctors Degree in this field.

As I place great value on a good translation and guarantee to do a good job, I translate only into my native language.

I’m sure you realise how muchour everyday language is influenced by the media and by the special terminology used in specific areas of expertise – and new expressions enter languages almost daily. The fact that I live in Germany means that I can update my vocabulary continually and can therefore produce a translation in current German.

I have gained experience in text-writing in a PR agency. On a free-lance basis, I write newspaper articles on topical Scandinavian themes (especially on cultural matters – but not only on culture). In addition, I have many years experience as a translator, from Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

I will be working directly with you as regards translation of these languages.

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