Translation and Localisation

Translations from the following languages

Danish > German
Norwegian > German
Swedish > German

Translation of

Informatory texts

Marketing texts

  • User handbooks
  • Catalogues
  • Data sheets
  • Presentations
  • Instruction manuals
  • On-line assistance
  • Company profiles
  • Tendersforcontracts
  • Jobapplications
  • Web-sites
  • Brochures

Special fields

  • Tourism
  • Business /Commerce
  • Automotive
  • Internet, e-Commerce
  • Electronics (general)


A good translation will attract the interest of your readers. My German texts are in an appropriate style.


Localisation goes a step further than a first-class translation. Here, in the process of translation, the text is reworded where necessary, to give the impression that it has been written specially for the German reader.

In order to increase your rate of success when using search engines, in the process of localising your Web site, I will also translate your meta-tags and - if asked – I will inform you of suitable directories. In addition, I will inform you of the legal requirements concerning Internet pages, as contained in the German Telecommunication Services Law.

Terminology Data Base

In order to ensure consistent terminology in longer translations, I work with Trados TWB, and set up data banks for the specific terminology of the customer.

Translations from Norwegian > English, Swedish > English, and Danish > English.

Are you looking for a translator who will undertake translations into both German and English? I would be pleased to provide translations in both languages. I work together with an experienced English translator (native language) who would undertake the English translation.


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